01 - Do You Help With Outfit Co-Ordination?

YES, YES and thousand times YES! Once we have a date we can work together so style the session. I also have a client wardrobe with range of dresses available, most being flexible in sizing, one size fits all, and a few fixed-size pieces also. It’s accessible via a highlight on Instagram.

02 - What If My Kids Don’t Play Ball?

Firstly when do kids really play ball when you want them too. secondly I have worked with tiny humans for a long time now and also have my own so know exactly what its like. A tip: Have treats on hand. Mini Marshmallow are the BEST!! little treats that leave no mess.

03 - We Are Awkward In Front Of The Camera

I would say 90% of my clients say this.

You do not need to worry that is what I am here for and most of the time I get a message after the session saying how easy I made it.

I am super good with direction and prompts.

04 - What If Its Raining?

We are lucky enough to not have to worry about too many rainy days in Hawkes Bay. If your up for the adventure rainy days make for the most amazing photos. I understand with little ones that sometimes is not an option so if the weather is bad we can reschedule for the earlier available date.